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Major shift in my world.
My dear dad has just been up to see me with abit tea.
All is good and I told him what pay I was expecting (it fluctuates each month with overtime ) and also what my bills that he pays for me are (again goes up and down ) .
So that would maybe leave me so much after ive paid him back another chunk of the debt I owe to him and my mam .
But he then said this month dont pay anything back to me and just budget your month so you have enough stores and food but to last the month with what you have . Then pay him back in later months .
This has come as a little surprise as ive thought about this before and talked to charles about it , of not paying as much as I could back and living very tight , charles suggested this , but to take smaller steps of paying the debt . This is something I talked to my dad about but he said at the time to just keep going the way ive been going .
So ……… what does this mean to me ?
By the way ,im sorry if this journal sounds mad but ive always thought its just for me anyway.
So I have my full wage which after bills will leave me with an increase in disposable income of 4 times what ive been spending for the last 6 gamble free months .
But does this different approach change anything ?
Apart from I really should get my dad a really good fathers day present .I just dont know x