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Hi All,
I just had a big fight with Brea, well actually she had a big fight with me.  I just returned from the morning at the kinder and had asked her to hang a load of washing on the line.  It was only a small load but i like to keep on top of it.  I got home, washing still in the machine, breaky dishes on the sink.
I wasnt impressed and she knew it, she kept asking and asking, so i told her, you didnt hang the washing, and it wouldnt kill you to do the dishes without me having to ask.  She went beserk, screaming, crying and stormed out the door, with the token slam! Told me she does heaps and once shes gone i would know it.
I dont know, is it too much to ask, it took me all of 10 minutes to do both jobs, she isnt at school, isnt working so as far as im concerned she can help out.  Im tired of wasting my days picking up after everyone, a neverending cycle, its driving me crazy.  A little help would be really appreciated, she doesnt know how much.
Worst thing is, we have her validictory dinner tonight, maybe i shouldnt have said anything,  but im sick of it!
I know she has gone to Jodes, she always does when we have a fight, if she says nothing when she comes home then i know Jode has stuck up for me, we will see.  So im feeling pretty down right now, bloody kids, who’d have em!
Gambling is not on my mind so i will take that blessing today!
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xx Life is about falling….living is about getting up!