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Hey evereyone,
I hope you are all doing well.
Last week I was discussing with coworkers that gambling addiction is the worst addiction because it’s invisible and it can take everything away from you.
They strongly disagreed and think that drug addiction is the worst, because although the damage is physically visible, if you fall in this addiction, you will always get ways to use and even isolate yourself if people around you try to help you.
So, although the coworkers I was discussing with dont know about my problem, I think they made a really good point that led me to other thoughts. I have to be positive. Things like “Of all the addiction, mine is the worst” are not acceptable and dont help us recover. I have to fight back and stop feeling sorry for myself. Im alive, I have a job (which I wouldnt have if I was a drug addict), I can pay the gambling debt smootlhy to the bank.
I know all the suffering this devil has caused, I know about the health issues I will certainly have in the future due to the stress and cigaretes. But it could be much worse. Im fortunate to be young enough to have the chance to make things right. And for that Im grateful
I wish you well.