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Thank you for replying to my thread. I hear it a lot that people have underlying reasons why they gamble but cant seem to pin point why i do. Are you able to tell me a few reasons that you gambled for if you dont mind? For me its like i know i shouldn’t but the second my mind thinks “maybe one more time”, it ends up guaranteed to happen, it’s like a switch in my brain goes off and shuts down any logical thinking.

I do feel like im in that deep pit of it because of the control it has over me. Im getting to the point where i feel like reaching out to god to ask for help out of desperation hoping something might give me the strength even though i dont normally pray or even know how to. I feel like gambling is hell on earth and everytime i lose all my money again, i get evil thoughts like hurting myself or stealing my money back from someone else. I wouldn’t ever act on these thoughts but the fact that they even jump in my head for even a second shows me the evil in it. 

Any tips or just thoughts you have in moments of weakness? I just returned to work today so it has helped my mental health a little but i get paid tomorrow so will spend as much time as i can on this forum before that to try and keep myself from making any bad decisions