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      eno sight

      i am a man like yourself like always hanging by a tread needless to say i always want to stop this so called life of mine every time i play. but when i have the feeling of an wavering mind to win i will find ways to play borrowing selling my things pawning and it calms me when im sitting in the play table now i am in need of money 10,000 pesos for the electricity,water,food and medical needs. i need someone that could help me in my time of need and i will be able to pay in any means. so if someone in this GA wants to help me i am so greatful if none thats no harm. im sharing this message not only to ask help but to tell all who can read this that gambling not only injured me and my family but also killed me, i wish that i were really dead so my family wont have to suffer if i cant stop gambling i will stop my breath– 20/09/2012 08:18:01: post edited by harry.

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