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      I have experienced many online casinos and have ended up barring myself from all of them but i always find another one. I am in dispute with one of them at the minute. I made a deposit of £700 on friday and ended up with a balance fo £18,000 which I tried to withdraw several times and was unsuccessfull. (I was new to the site and they wanted to complete some further checks on me) I ended up spending all the winnings and every single penny out of my bank and now in a right mess not having enough money to eat or fuel my car. I have reported this site to the Gambling Supervision Commission as I think its far too easy for these sites to allow you to spend money far beyond your means. They have answered with the usual bull about I read the T&C’s etc. but fact of the matter is its far too easy to make a deposit and it was too hard to withdraw my money. These are multi million pound companys, many based offshore paying little/no tax
      I was introduced to online gambling around 7 years ago and won a huge amount of money first time I played….worst thing that could of happened, I have spent much more than what I won since then and many months (as now) am broke until payday and has a negative effect on others around me. I have no family to support me and currently single so no-one to keep me in line!
      I need to find a £1000 in 3 days from somewhere to pay my living expences……..not sure where thats coming from!Gambling should be fun and sociable, if its not its an issue

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