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      Hello i am Vladimir. I am from Moscow and i become gambler… You really my last hope…i don”t know why, but this button in poker rooms “responsible game” is some hope after loosing ALL!
      3 yeas ago i played online poker at first time. Ofcause in the start i am played on small and own founds or not plaing at all for a 1-2 mounth. But at the end of the first year, i start losing control over gambling online poker and live casino.. I was really happy that i must go to the army and was saved for 1 year…after year in russian army i came home to Moscow, and i know that last year in Russia all casinos and online gamble is closed and under an embargo! It s seems to me that i will never meet this promblem again…But 4mouth ago i find some poker room in web….and i was catch in again! But at that time I am reealy lose control, and very scared….i my typing and crying now… I started to to get my money back and play and play again, to play at nights after work i start to use amphetamine!!! deposit is rising up and for a last 3 week i loose a lot of founds…not only my cash…i lose parents founds….over 30.000$!!! i realy shocked that was sooo silly! I think i deserve to die but my parents even dont know about my addiction and lost founds cause i pay by card! But they notice that i am become really strange and hope that i am just tired! But now i cant keep Tears in my eyes when i lie them again and again …i am tied!!How to get up and try to safe my life? and life and hope of my parents?
      How to say them about all of this? Please sorry for my English and mistakes i am really damage and try to sleep….

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