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Glad you’re back to normal, Jen. I like „normal”!
I hate snow. -21!!!! Oh dear!!!!
It was -3 here tonight and we had a power cut since 2 pm. I used to leap for the „safety net” during power cuts (We don’t have „powerless”casinos . ..only powerless customers!)
I went to the nearest shopping mall instead. Spent less than 20 quid. Bought two „occasion” cards. Walked around the perimeter to stretch my weary bones, bought a Mc Donalds and came home to a lit up house, with two blazing stoves-compliments of my husband (who doesn’t understand the intricacies of my gambling mind)
… and here I am writing my last post on a G free January 31st – payday!
Thanks for your compliment on Jezi’s thread. I just write about my thoughts and experiences.
„Words are all I have” , as the song goes.
Actions are more important, of course.
Stay focused.