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Hi C993

Firstly well done on finding the courage to talk to your sister, I and I imagine most on this site have asked for help financially to bail us out of trouble. Unfortunately there comes a time that they simply won’t help, and really who can blame them after all they have heard it all before, what they need is to see is you making things right, they need to see commitment; words become meaningless. In the long run and you may not see this yet, being bailed out financially just prolongs your ability to gamble, it really can stop you seeing the true consequences of your actions… If you truly want recovery, ytour have to find your own way out of your financial issue. The second someone help your addiction will jump in and start to think… Hmmm maybe I can gamble this and double it or hey if I lose they will help me again and the cycle continues

Seeing a Psychotherapist is a fantastic choice and one that can really help, I’d just like to add my view on why GA as an addition may help.

A Psychotherapist is one person with ideas that will help you see a way forward… but its still one opinion

Gamblers Anonymous is a group of Compulsive Gamblers who attend meetings with one purpose, to suppress their own addiction, to help keep the addiction suppressed and to help those seeking help.

In essence your get a broader range of ideas, support, knowledge in the safe surrounding of others whom understand just how you feel. A Psychotherapist & GA, with support from us via the forums, groups and helpline is a fantastic combination

Take Care