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Hi Lenore
I have guests arriving any minute so my post will have to be brief, however, I wanted to give you a personal welcome to the F&F forum and say a couple of things that sprang to mind on reading your post.
You have come into a forum Lenore that understands what is going on in your life and will not judge in any way. We pride ourselves that those who love CGs (compulsive gamblers) can talk and share freely here, thus gaining a knowledge that will help you make your own informed decisions – when ‘you’ are ready and not before.
At no time will it ever be suggested that you run. This is a natural reaction from those who are trying to do what is right for you without considering your feelings for the man you love – equally it will not be suggested that you stay in the relationship regardless of the damage your boyfriend’s addiction can cause. All the decisions about your life should come from you
I also understand the feeling that you found baffling – I too admit that I was jealous that it took others to change my CG’s life when I had done everything I could to save him. I now know that I could not save him and I understand why, I will talk about that later.
I would not be writing to you if I didn’t ‘know’ that the addiction to gamble can be controlled and fantastic lives lived as a result so you are definitely not stupid in your hope. There is much to say but I will leave my first post there.
The first post is always the hardest, so well done writing yours