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Just thought I would check in and see how everyone is doing and give a little up date.
So I have just passed 50 day’s being gamble free, absolutely incredible considering I was someone that would gamble pretty much every day.
Sadly the debts are still taking its toll on me.
Me and the girlfriend have decided to move in together so that means selling my property. The problem here is that my parents believe I’ll make £1000’s when I sell up and I’ll be in good position to buy a house.
My credit rating is absolutely terrible and almost all money I make selling up will have to go on debt (still won’t be enough to clear it all)
So I’m pretty much going to be in a situation where my parents will believe I have quite a bit of cash but the reality is extremely different. Not sure what to say to them, if they were to findout the debt I’m in due to gambling it would absolutely destroy them.
I feel I do have a chance to start again but it’s going to be tough. I will have to be determined to clear the rest of my debts after selling up and get money in the bank. It will feel so deceitful if I do this without my parents having any knowledge of the financial mess that I’m in or the reasons behind it.