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Hi All,
It is the most magnificent day here today, glorious would be the word i would use… i know you have all been waiting to hear the name of the car.  I just asked Brea and she has called it….INDIGO!  Little Indy.  She googled the word purple and she liked that one the best so there you go!
She is going to get her hair done this morning, and then we are going to take Indy for a drive.  A new Target store has opened up not far from us and we are going to go and have a look after i drop H off at kinder.  Hopefully, i will find myself some summer clothing, my wardrobe is a bit sp****.  I need some T-shirts and 3/4 pants.  Today being payday means i can afford to spend a little, and i am in desperate need.  If that fails, im going in to town with Jode tomorrow for round 2!
I had a great night at work, i know im mean but the Div 1 i work with came down sick and i got to work with my favourite one so it was a very laid back night.  Im now on a 4 day break, not sure at this stage if im doing anything exciting, although there is a free day at a local aquatic centre on Sunday which i think the boys would love.  Ill just see how the weather goes.
So theres my report for the day, i hope you all have a wonderful day.
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!