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Hey OZ
Hows the back today?! I truly hope it is easing for you. Gotta get in tip-top shape for a good boogie in sydney eh!!!???
It was lovely to chat last night (as always) and i hope you are having a good weekend with mum and sis!
Love, light and BIG hugs
Meg xxxxx
P.S. – marilee, You crack me up! i LOVED the story about shrinking the jeans with garden hose (god that must’ve felt hideous!). Sadly they dont make denim like they did in the good old days though eh. Back then denim lasted for years!! As for the sausage casing/explosion theory. WELL!!!! I nearly wet my spanx pants! LOL. xxxx"We are each of us angels with only one wing…  we can only fly by embracing each other"