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always remember, you are not alone, this site is for us and for you, there are people to talk to here, people who understand what you are going through because we have been there, some are still there.  Gambling and lies are a close couple, there is no way to separate the two, they work together and the bad part is that we just don’t lie to ourself but we lie to those we love and care about but that can be overcome and with time and a LOT of patience you will turn it all around but you have to want it and still thinking about going to the casinos is not a good start, bann yourself, give your finances to someone else for awhile, after some time that self control will come around, but don’t expect it to be quick and it will take a lot of time, the first place to start is to forgive yourself–-others will come around in time but you have to give them that, forgive yourself, vow to make a new start, you will feel better about yourself and your life, believe me, I have been there as so many others on this site. Talk to us, pour out whatever you need to we will listen and help you get through this