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I hate my boss. She knows half of what I know and treats me like her servant. Wanna smack her half the time I talk to her.
My daughter has just been diagnosed with depression and a.d.h.d. Trying out new meds that have lots of side effects. Trying to get her started on therapy but she doesnt really want to talk to anyone!!!! Shes always tired and feeling sick and I have to be there to support her. It feels like I cant do anything right. I have consistently been gaining weight ever since the great change of life and dont even know who I am anymore. Skinny ass boss snickers at me sometimes. Wanna smack her again and again. I am a CG. Icing on the slanted, not so fresh cake that is my life. I’m trying to fix things but more just seems to break in the meantime. I am frustrated beyond reason sometimes and can’t get away from it anywhere. I need to ponder what to fix first and that is hard.