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So whilst i am gambling free since sunday, I am of the opinion it is because i have no $ to spend, so the waiting begins for payday. I have no plan to gamble. When payday comes around this week, the money is to go straight to the debt, its all set up to be instant transferred, with minimal available for the basic living expenses to get me thru to the next one. So thats the waiting, the waiting to break thru that first pay, to prove to myself that it can be done, the gambling is done with. It doesn’t serve any purpose but to bring me down, its not for winning but for punishing myself. Its time to treat myself in a positive way, i deserve better, and wont let myself damage my life. Here is the future, the past is done, it is a memory, a reminder, a lesson to improve myself and in the end, with my change, the past will have good memories,reminders and lessons to carry me forward. No regrets.