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That’s awesome losingitslowly that the gamban is working for you. I installed it early on to. I also found that the self excluding from every site was the best measure to. The process to sign up for new sites was to frustrating with me because you have to submit all those documents and the shame I had from my bank account dwindling made me not want to submit bank statements to another casino when I stopped. I was just going to post on your thread to congratulate you on getting the time in you have. Sounds like your on the right track In terms of how to stay away from it now. The hardest part is definitely finding away out of the withdrawals. It took me a solid month to not want to gamble at all as everything was triggering at first. The only thing that saved me was being in my course for 6 weeks because I was to busy and studying at night. I also had my counseling sessions to which helped identify my issues for wanting to return to gambling. Us addicts definitely need help to avoid the need to escape patterns were prone to.

Today I’m on 90 days gamblefree I set it as a goal to reach so that I could stay accountable. Posting here everyday is hard but it’s really helping me. Being as vulnerable as I have is alot for me to express but hiding myself doing it alone won’t help me at all. I hope that I can be one of the success stories that has overcome all my addictions and made a better life. I’m making my next goal 6 months to reach. Wishing everyone lots of strength today