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Hello everyone
I hope you are all well remarkable quotes l have read Mr Murray what a fighter it’s never too late my friends to give6it’s taken me 30yrs to get where l am now.10 of those 30yrs where spent gamble free not one relapse moved country with hope and aspirations to make a better life for me and my family.Mr Murray it is a struggle as you get older it gets even harder you realize you don’t have much time for change.My selfish behaviour has destroyed me because l now have 3children losing them is unbearable l have just been accepted into Gordon moody residential treatment center i am living in Belgium l am from London originally the10yrs that l have spent here7of those yrs have been great the past 3yrs has seen my life deteriorates to a level where l am about to lose everything.
I start from 0 again at the age of51 i am apprehensive scared and feel such a fool l did not do something about this horrible gut wrenching addiction before.we don’t hurt just ourselves we hurt our families our friends l am crying and bleeding inside having to leave my family and move back to the u.k to try and regain my life mentally and spiritually.l have not gambled for3weeks now l am looking forward to living back to the u.k l know it won’t be easy starting from zero again but l have confidence in my self to over come this and become the loving father and husband that l used to be l was never perfect l have mental disorders that l have to work on as well l feel cold hearted and mind has always been wondering about how if l did get the big win all my problems will be over it never l say to us all this disease is dangerous beware we cannot dip in and out when we want.Inshallah God willing we have to regain control of our lives again.
God bless us all.