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Hi Janel

As Velvet said nobody will tell you whether you should stay or leave. There is no hurry for you to come to a decision. You are in crisis mode right now as you have been living this way for a while . I think that when we live with a compulsive gambler we lose our perspective on life. Our lives have been about lies, deception, secrets and pure chaos. It’s exhausting!!
Now is the time to get some knowledge on this horrible addiction. Unburden and share with people on this forum and perhaps try to find a Gam-Anon group. We can’t control the gambler in our life but we can control ourselves. Then you can deal with your situation from a position of strength and knowledge and not panic!!
Honestly good on you for writing it all down … that is a huge step!
There is not a person here who will judge you. You need support right now. Please keep writing!!