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Hi Rainman,

How are you doing today? What do you do for a living? I sold marijuana in college and was never proud of it. Why are you not proud of what you do?
I understand wanting to make a lot of money. I’d be lying if I said making money is important to me as wll. But I also don’t think a bug pile of paper should be our top priority or our end goal. Let me ask you a question. You said that you made 100’s of thousands of dollars and then gambled it. If money was going to make you happy wouldn’t;t you have been happy with the money you had and the money you could have made compounding that number with average gains? Do you see the point I’m getting at?
It seems like you have the capabilities to earn which is great. You know gambling doesn’t work and ultimately makes you loss your ass and feel like a chump. So why allow yourself to do it?
What job out there will make you feel satisfied and proud of yourself? Is there one? When you dream of the person you see yourself as what is it? Is it impossible to chase that dream still?
If you know something deep down inside then it will become your reality like you suggested. So make the good thing you dream about happen, not the horrible scary dream.
Does any of this make sense at all?