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It was interesting to see that I’m not the only one that has revisited the ‘scene of the crime’. I’m an online slot mug, so i have found myself going onto websites and playing in ‘demo mode’ in the past when I have been gamble-free for a little while (like you say, could’ve been different if I actually had any money). But be careful doing this… I have ‘won’ big amounts playing on demo before and it has made me think ‘what if that was real money, I could’ve used it for this or that’. Truth is, even if it was real, I know it would’ve ended up back in the virtual machine anyway!

As long as you can see that it really is a mugs game and you have no urges to try yourself, then perhaps it’s not doing any harm. But that may change some day. Keep alert seri, this addiction is a sneaky bugger!