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Well done, Just 26!
You are not thinking of «winning» back what you lost.
I would suggest that you go to StepChange or MABS where you will be given professional assistance and advice with your finances.
I already had accumulated HUGE gambling debt which I pay monthly. The PLAN was an extra emergency measure to prevent me from going off my nut when my lump sum disappeared into cyber space.
First of all you need to realize that gambling is not about money.
The problem goes deeper than that.
If you are only 26 and have so much debt you need to ask yourself and answer honestly, how much of that debt was created by gambling?
Secondly, does your partner know about this debt and does he know you gamble?
As Kathryn said » secrets keep us sick». In fact gambling addiction thrives on secrecy. The danger for a CG saving money secretly also means we can spend it in secret. Every time I wanted to gamble , the first thought always was «Nobody needs to know». Because gambling is a progressive illness which creeps up insidiously, the sooner we bring it out in the open, the better chance we have of overcoming the problem.
In reality, a CG cannot handle money in the «acute» phase of our addiction.
Stay close to this site.
Use the Open Groups and the Helpline where you can speak to the GT Staff. I am only speaking from my own experience.
Yes I know why you are saying you can’t believe it has come to this but in years to come you will look back and be thankful that things came to a head early in your life. Believe me, gambling can ruin not only the gambler’s life but all who come in touch with us.
Would you consider telling your partner you need help with your gambling issue, without going into the finer details?
The sooner somebody knows you have the problem, the better chance you have of not destroying your life.
Keep posting!