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Thank you all so much for your replies, i will definitely pass them on to Jode.  I actually agreed with Marilee and told her that i think she needs to wear the dress, its the brides day, but she is so upset about it, and rightfully so.  There are extenuating circumstances…her step mother (imagine Jode is Cinderella) has threatened her with death if she breathes a word, and i think her brother (who is younger) will be very upset with her.  The wedding is in April next year and i think her life wont be worth living in her family if she backs out. My advice was to get into the best shape she can (she is currently going to a personal trainer) and wear the dress, smile and pretend all is well.  I dont think there is anything else she can do.  Its an awful situation, one that i wouldnt want to be in.  There was talk before the actual picking of the dresses that involved descriptions of small sleeves, long lengths, a more flattering design for the girls (Jode isnt the only one who looks awful in the dress, ive seen photos) but the bride decided on these ones.  The color is lovely, but the style….eeek.
Anyway, thank you all so much, i was gobsmacked when i got up this morning to all those replies.
Have a great day, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!