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Thanks for your post. 50K would be the amount of debt I got into through gambling. I found it hard to stop thinking about it — even when I had stopped gambling.

I take it you have read around the site and know the practical things to do to stop — banning yourself from gambling outlets and restricting your access to finance and time for gambling. If you are binging — then it shows that you can stop — it is just staying stopped that is the issue. The next time you feel like binging — stop and think. Check with yourself, what is the trigger to you wanting to bet. Then speak to someone — phone a helpline — someone on here — an understanding and supportive friend. Just talking it out might be enough to stop you from acting out your addicition.

I agree with finding something else to get enthused over — if health doesn’t work for you, try being creative or getting back to nature. I wish you well.