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Thank Bonnie and Charles
The effects of my recent head injury have improved considerably in the past week. I can now do almost everything I couldn’t when my head was fuzzy .

I feel a bitterness creeping in — bitterness over lost opportunities, stupid choices , others’ success, my gone to pot body , my disgraceful home and just about everything else.
Yet there is not one of these things I cannot change — it just takes some motivation and action — both of which I seem to have trouble finding .

A few of my old internet devices have been destroyed this week — I now only have my phone which has been restricted .
No opportunity to gamble.

My work is strange — I have always worked hard , been a “yes” person and genuinely done my best.
Recently I find that too much is being asked and recently I find I am saying no- recently I find my work life balance has improved even though some people are peeved. It is what it is.