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Thanks P for the encouraging post. I do see the strength in myself. Sometimes I am surprise by it. I think that I am growing as I am willing to make changes even if they are difficult ones. I am trying to make my life better. I have awesome news! I have a great offer on the condo, just under my asking price. My realtor is coming by tomorrow morning with paperwork for me to sign. This is just another step in my process of moving forward in my life. My Grandson is feeling much better as kids rebound so fast. His Dad decided to pick him up from school the next 2 days. I am still going to the city on Friday and meeting my youngest Daughter at the condo. She wants to see it for the last time. She said she was going to miss it. Maybe we will do lunch and then I am coming back home. My Mom didn’t have her eye surgery today as he wants to do it outpatient (hospital) instead of his office. So he scheduled it for the 27th of this month. We had dinner together and she came over to my house for awhile. Everything is good and I feel less stress in my life. P, I worked out this morning and my thighs and butt muscles were hurting all day!!!! They have water aerobics also. Maybe I will try it out!!! I had bake salmon and salad and veggies for dinner. I am trying to get back to a healthy lifestyle. There are a lot of hiking trails around here that I would like to hike but not in the shape I am in now. One day at a time, one step at a time!!