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I liked your comment: «they’re like waves. They come and they go.» I’d bet you’d like to wave them goodbye though!

Here’s a thought — if the «urge» is our brain’s way of signalling that it wants us to gamble — how about training it to do something different. So each time we get the urge we then do a dance — or beat up a pillow — or sing a song -play some music. Do something that connects the «urge» to something else — so as to retrain our synapses.

I’m saying «we» because I realise I don’t get the gambling urge anymore. I’m not sure when it went — but I certainly don’t miss it. I’ve never tried out this idea myself — but I guess it’s worth a go. I’d pick one response and keep doing it so to retrain your brain. Let me know if you try it and how you go on.