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Just reading through your thread and a few times «Emails» have popped up…. unfortunately trying to get emails stopped is hard work and emails are notorious for being the «AHHH» trigger, the one you’re not expecting, the one offering a free £10 bet that will cost you a lot more emotionally and financially should you get access to money, and it’s not that easy to close an account either… most give you 90 days to reactivate.
All doom and gloom, Nope. The truth is emails are free, have you considered having a new email account. Gmail have apparently have the highest security and lowest spam rate of any free email.
As your partner is being so good, why not instead of trying to close the other account get him to alter the password to something gibberish and let it all disappear into the past, sure you’re have to update things like banks, friends etc with a new address (and us) but it’s a small price to pay for knowing that you won’t receive any-more emails from gambling companies offering free bets that will emotionally damage you