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When I read Geordie’s last post to me here I immediately was reminded about what I had so quickly forgotten in my health imposed abstinence. That I can always continue to sink to a new low when in action. And that the last time I had a health imposed abstinence I eventually got back my independence. Very shortly after my «recovery» efforts went out the window and I went on a full blown out of control spree. If I do not recognize this and actually use this time to work on myself and my barriers I will be worse than ever! My nearly six years of abstinence were mostly due to barriers and giving it a 110% effort to deal with the underlying issues that I had. But if I am being honest with myself the last few years of my recovery/long abstinence I slid away from all the things I need to continue on the right path. I stopped going to GA, I stopped using GT I thought because of some changes, I allowed everyone to give me back total control of my household finances and I did not use personal counseling. Sounds like a recipe for failure to me. Sounds like a road map of how to do it wrong. So thank you Geordie for taking the time that you did to read my posts and for your pointed comment. It was a gentle reminder to this mixed up CG.