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      I am a recovering gambler, gambling has ruined my life, I had to sell my business to pay off my gambling debts, and then once I sold I was set with a large amount of money to last me and my wifes retirement.  Everything went wrong, accountant made huge error in what we would owe in taxes, lost a huge amount in the stock market, and then gambled the rest away trying to get back what I had lost.  Now two years after retirement, I’m broke, owe the IRS a ton of money and still haven’t beaten back the beast.
      I have had severe RLS for the last 7 years or so, my legs feel like spiders are crawling in them and I have to stand or kneel to have the feeling go away.  Can’t sit through a movie, have to stand in back of theater, can’t fly, etc wihou medication, after trying several drugs ended up with mirapex as the only thing that workded at high dosages.  Didn’t know at the time, but most common side effect of mirapex is compulsive gambling. I am still on mirapex, although today my doctor prescribed lyrica as an option and I’m on my first day of that.  So I am fighting general gambling addiction along with being multiplied by the compulsivity caused by the mirapex. 
      I attended counseling for the past year, but my counseler spent more time making sure he had the right forms completed properly to receive his state reimbursement then he spent talking to me about the problem  I attended GA, but I have a real problem talking about my problem to others.  I am more comfortable doing it in the chatrooms of the world. I had stopped gambling for 10 months, but was recently made a bonus offer from a casino in Vegas, and I talked my wife into letting me go, it was a huge mistake, and I’m right back where I was 10 months ago.  Now damn facebook has gambling sites, I had my daughter lock out all gambling sites from my computers, but facebook doesn’t work thourhg the internet explorer blocking system for gambling.
      My wife hates me right now, and I don’t blame her, I get the feeling you is only staying with me because she would have no place to go.  My kids hate me because of what I have done.  As a male I am not use to letting my feelings out and since I can’t talk to my wife, and I can’t talk to my friends about the issue, I am alone.  I feel unloved, alone and everyday just hope I would die.  I have always been a very positive person, but I am so beat down now, that I don’t want to go on.  I saw this site when I was searching for a way to block my facebook gambling, and I’m reaching out for help.

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