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      I’m new here and still finding my way about. I joined because I suspect my boyfriend has a gambling problem. I’m heartened to read other people’s stories about how they feel like it’s them cracking up but realising the problem lies with the addict — and the addiction. I’m just glad to know I’m not alone.
      My boyfriend spends a lot of time in the bookie’s — some of which he tells me about, some not. He gets through a lot of money and has taken out a loan recently as well as using a payday loan website. He’s borrowed money from me and recently I discovered he took money from my bank account without my knowledge. He’s paid me back the money he borrowed and furiously denied taking money. He gets very defensive about the whole subject and is full of excuses, which I guess is "normal" behaviour for a CG?
      I logged into his email (I know I shouldn’t really snoop) and discovered he had two contacts which are "stop gambling" sites. I don’t know whether to be heartened by that or not because he denies he has ever had a problem, let alone has one now. It’s all very confusing to me and I feel a bit lost.
      Basically, I want advice on how to approach this. I love him very much and want to help him but, ultimately, know he has to stop himself. I’m fortunate that we don’t have any joint financial responsibility or kids. Also, having read other posts, I have promised to myself that I will walk if it comes to that. Whatever happens I know i have to stay strong and, having been through hard times in the past, know I CAN stay strong.
      Thanks for listening

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