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      Hi Outsidein
      Please start your own thread so that we can talk and listen to ‘you’. Our replies are not churned out in a mass reproduction machine. Your needs are unique to you and our replies will be just for ‘you’.
      You need support. We care and want to give it.
      Click in the blue envelope at the top of the forum page – give yourself a thread name – you already have a good pseudonym, re-write your post to Gig if you want to and you will receive ‘your’ replies.
      It is not right for us to highjack Gigi’s thread which is hers and is for her needs.
      You are trying to work yourself out and those of us who use this forum believe that sharing with each other helps us do just that. Nobody else’s worry will be the same as yours. The addiction to gamble does have symptoms that are recognisable but even then it does vary it’s tactics when dealing with us because we are all different, just as each owner of the addiction is different.
      I look forward to hearing from ‘you’ and would love to welcome you into a Friends and Family group at some time.
      Velvet xx

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