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Live Support

Gambling Therapy live support is a text-based service that allows you to speak directly with an experienced advisor. Whether you are concerned about your own gambling, or if you are worried about someone else – talking about it can be a relief.

Speaking to an advisor can help you find a new perspective on your situation and can help you take meaningful practical steps forwards.

Gambling Therapy advisors will listen to you without judgement and can talk through any questions you may have about problem gambling. Your advisor can also help you to find local resources such as counselling services or groups if these are available in your area.

Support is provided in any language using automated translation, with native language support offered in many common languages. Just start typing, and an advisor will respond in the same language.

The service is confidential – although other advisors within the Gambling Therapy team will be able to review the conversation in order to provide the best possible service. Visit the privacy policy page for a more detailed explanation on confidentiality and how we handle your data.

Live Support can also be used if you have questions about how to use the Gambling Therapy website, or to let us know about technical issues you may be having with the site.

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