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WOW! The set up of the forum has changed! I just wanted to post a update. I’m still gamble free. I’m heading into a more debt free existence in the next 3 months. A significant portion of my debt will be paid off! It’s been hard keeping on the path and budget. But I’ve done it.

Christmas was good. 2 celebrations with my family.

My Sister is still living with me. She’s closing on a house, 2 1/2 hours northeast from me, barring any problems with the inspection.

My Grandchildren and Daughters are well and both have been able to work through the pandemic,

My Granddaughter is growing so fast, almost 4 years old. She’s still living with me. Hopefully next year she will be with her Mommy fulltime.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I’m looking forward to the New Year!