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Abhay I sympathise with you. I lost a lot of money too and it was my savings. 

I chased and chased and it is that which caused me to dig myself into a bigger hole. My losses only grew with chasing.

My advice to you is:

1.stop chasing losses. Believe me, if you can at least take that step, the damage you have done will begin to heal.

2. Self ban from all gambling sites. Online Gambling is probably the most toxic and destructive ways to gamble as thousands are lost within minutes.

3. Talk to someone, as hard as it may be/seem, owning up to what you have done and getting an outside perspective will bring you back to the reality of how mindless gambling can turn any person.

4. Hand over your finances to a close person and give up using debit and credit cards.

5. the biggest challenge- let go of your losses and accept they are gone. Find ways to imagine how Such a financial loss could occur anyway such as a business  closing for good  due to covid 19 (this has happened to thousands of people) many have lost a massive amount of money. 
6. forgive yourself and realise you deserve better and have the power to take control and recover financially. You can be in control. You are not powerless over your recovery but are powerless when gambling.

All these steps helped me and yet I found myself relapsing several times since April 2019. Luckily I have removed all access  to my savings now and my husband is helping me stay vigilant. I am still on my journey of recovering from this self inflicted, nonsensical financial bleeding. 

Please believe me, stop now and your brain will begin to recover from this brain-dead, ludicrous activity.