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Same old story. Bring x amount today after winning x amount Monday and Tuesday. Win again today. Debate to leave while up.. say no one more shoe. Lose winnings from today plus what I brought, take out more off over draft debit, lose that, go to teller take more, lose that, drive to teller again. And I think this is prob when I realized how bad this got… teller says you’ve already been here twice.. can’t give you more, calls co worker over.. he looks at me like you already nearly maxed out your over draft and cc.. both of them looking at me and was prob the most embarrassing moment I’ve had in years. Two people looking at you basically knowing you have a maxed out cc, maxed out over draft . Maxed out line of credit. Walked out of there thinking wow… I never want to feel this again. Back to therapy tomorrow at 2 pm. Like I said, just when I thought I was at the bottom, I am at a new bottom today.

Insanity. Doing the same thing over and expecting diff results.
Feeling lost to say the least
But I’ve been here too many times.