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Well done, Kathryn.
I found myself getting hooked on those Free Slots too. Gave them up on May 1st . Haven’t touched them since. They have the same effect as the ”Real Deal”. Zone out. Lose tract of time. Guilt feelings. Headache. Nausea and total waste of precious time that we could be using for other far more important things.
RG summed it up. ”Like taking a pull of a cigarette, without inhaling”!
I am so sad to hear of your mother’s deterioration, Kathryn. It is gut wrenching. I worked in Dementia care and the only consolation is that she is being well cared for. Whoever described this condition as ”The Long Goodbye” saw the full picture. It is harder on you than it is on your mam. Please don’t waste time gambling Kathryn. WE have enough regrets in life without adding more. Spend time with your mam and family. Making memories is what life is all about.