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Hi Carole, Our husbands just don’t get it when it comes to our gambling. My husband has also said, ”Why don’t you go for just this amount of time and spend this amount of money?” He has also offered the once-a-month thing. Honestly, he offers because he really wouldn’t mind if I spend X amount of money each month on gambling if that is what I wanted to do. He is generous in that way. I wish I could take him up on the offer. We are wiser than that, Carole. We know that we can never go and spend X amount of money. Once a month isn’t enough for us.
Honestly, after all this time, I still wish that I could take X amount of money, gamble once a month, have my fun and be satisfied until the next month.
Somewhere along the way, a line was crossed and we have to face the fact that this will never work for us.
After all the misery and financial devastation, they should know better, too. I think at some level they do. But, in the end, the choice is ours. We must choose what is best for us!
Good for you in making the right choice, Carole!