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Hi Peter, well done on looking for help and for excluding from the sites you have excluded from so far. Excluded from ”….most sites i know….” makes it sound like you have left some loopholes open though. Exclude from the rest and, as others have suggested, I would recommend getting a blocker.

I remember when I first stopped I wouldn’t switch on or look at matches until after kick off, at least that way I avoided all the pre match odds etc.

I used to think I was a footy fan…. though often I wouldn’t want my team to win unless it as a certain player who scored, I might not want my team to score more than x number of goals, I often wanted my team to concede a goal! Occasionally even lose!! Was I a fan? I don’t think so really, I am now though.

Be honest with yourself, if watching the matches right now makes thigns too hard for you then don’t watch, plan your time with other things.

Keep posting and I hope you enjoy the football as a fan, not as someone who likes to gamble on a match.