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Hi Vera, I take the point about the Thread title I will change it. I would say that whatever stage of recovery we are at filling our time is important.
The world is a strange place right now. Someone might have been years in recovery, filled there time with lots of great things and now BAM they are all unavailable due to “lockdown”.

A newer or struggling member might be just now stopping gambling and BAM they have a massive void in their life timewise, with all the usual options unavailable.

It is always important to find ways to fill our time. Always important to find a variety of things so we don’t get hooked on something else. Never more important than the current world situation where it might not be just gambling that we are suddenly unable to do.

There are lots of support tools on this site -Threads in the Recovery Tools Forum, tools on the Gambling Therapy App the Helpline and groups as well as reading the forums and seeing the positive actions that have helped others gambling.

Help to find ways to fill our time is an important one of those tools.