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Dear diary,

I started writing about my days in recovery here in 2008.

Never in the past have I wrote about bringing mum out regularly to keep her happy.
It is becoming as regular as my weekly meeting now
Is this the same person ? Is this going to last ? I could not do it in the past
I was watching myself, bringing mum out, the day is turning into week and into month now.
In the beginning, I doubt myself, I don’t believe myself, I was watching myself closely.

My God is an awesome God

It may be a simple and easy thing for others to do but trust me, for an addict, it was a very difficult and almost impossible thing for me to do. I was always either getting myself into more troubles or busy getting myself out of troubles.
I do love my family but have never shown or given any love to them for many years.

I was very diligent and always there week in week out for either my gambling in the beginning and later my recovery meetings for many years but I was never there for my mum when she needed someone.

Ever since I knew God and listens to His Word.
I started to honor my parent and family.

Glory to God!

For changing and helping me do things now that I can only dream of in the past.

I am living life like a normal person now. Praise to God!