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I thank you Happy for sharing because I am always one bet away from that!
I am concerned for my CG Mother and truthfully frightened for both my parents right now. My Mother has a retirement that hasbeen under a financial planner’s care for the last ten years. That contract is expiring and she told my sister that she doesn’t want to keep her money there. She wants it available. I told my sister to tell our Dad what she is planning. She has that retirement just as much because of him as for her own hard work. He worked a job that allowed her to work and save that money. This is his retirement too. If she gets ahold of that money it will be gone in a year. My sister was afraid of causing a fight between them if she told Dad. I told ner to tell nim anyway! Imagine the fight if he finds out all his plans for retirement are gone because she loses it all.
I am worried sick over them. I told my sister that I still want to gamble, that despite the ban, I am still struggling. Our Mom is over the top in the throws of this addiction. She could have them bankrupt in no time if she has access to that all at once.
She is mean, she lies, she is agitated all the time. She is miserable and no where near ready to admit she has a problem. My Dad is an alcoholic and he is mean to her too, which just makes her want to run gamble. It is enough to make me dizzy.