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It’s a little thing but another month has passed where I had nice things happening (like meals out ) and yet I didn’t run out of money. I feel inspired today reading Laura ’a thread – when things are going well it is easy to forget how motivating A now and then post can be. It is easy to forget in the relentless cycle of urges and successes (and sometimes slips) that life can get so much better.

In recent months I find this forum extremely helpful and motivating – after almost a decade on here my brain must be starting to get it . I appreciate the helpful and uplifting posts so many take the time to write . I am just about to start month five – who would have thought i could do it ?

Today I am doing long neglected house work- today I am seeing a good future .
Today I am happy and I feel connected and supported thanks to the lovely people in my life including those on here .