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Hi K
Egg shells, coal raking, lockdowns, boss killing – it could only be a post from you entering a more peaceful time of your life!!  Who needs thriller books when we have K.
My main excitement this weekend has been our guests showing us their daughter’s wedding film with the hymns and sermon included. Fortunately the wedding reception film is not available for viewing yet or I think I would still be sitting there with glassy eyes held open by match sticks – give me a lockdown any time!!
Was Eclipse good? I have only seen New Moon so far and think I should have watched them in order.
I wept buckets as my children left home.   I think your arguments with Brea will be a thing of the past as she realises it’s not so easy being ‘grown up’.   I’m sure she will share with you on a more equal basis.  I know you will be her greatest friend when the going gets tough – provided you are not off saving the planet. xx
I have just gone back to early May on your posts and I can’t see the reason for Brea’s boyfriends staying away and I don’t think I missed anything. It’s probably old news by now but you know me – nosey!! 
How is your back by the way? 
I can feel my eye-lids drooping and I think I am going to let them do what they want as within a short time our guests will be back and I must be ready with a smile. I need to smile anyway as it hides the creases.  The anti-wrinkle creams are working overtime, as I got a few more wrinkles yesterday, stifling yawns during the epic wedding, with the ubiquitous badly behaved child running up and down the aisle. When I went for a loo break the film was stopped so I didn’t miss any – there was no escape.
Your job sounds fascinating and I am so pleased you seem to be enjoying it to the full. Don’t take any risks though with dangerous patients – you are far too important.
No good the eyelids are winning
Loads of Love
V zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz