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Hey Kathryn,
just catching up with everyone here and there.  Can you send me some of what you are putting in Brea’s water?  I need some for my grumpy teenage son.  He feels he’s ready to handle the greusome realities of warfare ( he wants to join the army) but touching gross dirty plates on their way into the dishwasher is almost too much for him to bare lol. 
Good luck on the job application.  The only tip i can think of right off is to look at the requirements of the job and then find those same skills within your current job or other volunteer activities you may also do.  Find an online thesaurus and look at different ways to same the same words they use lol, sometimes this jiggles my mind.
Enjoy your day off tomorrow and don’t work too hard.  Take some time for yourself.  Hopefully I’ll catch up with you sooner or later in group.
Have a great day!