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Well last night I lost all the channels on my tv in my bedroom right in the middle of a good film. A bit of a disaster. It took me 6 attempts at retuning, the same procedure every time and on the sixth it worked. Took me hours, Is there a lesson in this, ie doing exactly the same thing to fix something and on the sixth attempt it worked.i don’t know but energetically it felt strange and frustrating trying to fix it and getting nowhere.
Today I feel depression setting in, the same polarised despair and hope sitting in the same space. I must be having the worlds worst recovery from a gambling addiction. But my life isn’t as bad as the lady described on Liz thread. I actually do not have a life to speak of, no foundation to work from, just one big nothing. I hear mercury retrograde stops on the 15th April so delays in things and technology glitches should get better by then. I rang the agency again and had to leave a message. I have underlying worry/anxiety about how to pay the rent and keep going in the future.
I am seeking
Recovery of Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health
Repayment of debt

Seek and ye shall find, the Bible tells us. Here’s hoping, now eight months without gambling. How long can this limbo last or is it just ongoing ever decreasing circles?