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Quarantining has caused my boyfriend to display very unhealthy habits with playing poker online. His therapist and I talked about disaster control and trying to manage what he wants to do by being financially in charge and setting terms to his gambling, as he was going to no matter what I said or did. We agreed upon terms and things were okay for about a week or two. This past week has been unbearable. I feel like a ghost in my own home, as he really only cares about playing online poker on the days he’s “allowed” and on the days he doesn’t he sits on his phone and plays pool, or a video game, or chess on the computer. I feel like his thought process is so unhealthy and I’m worried about him. I also don’t know how much longer I could live like this. I’m not stupid enough to think that terms will prevent him from making poor choices when it comes to his gambling, but figured it might help the situation since it would be difficult for him to find somehow else to live right now during the quarantine. I just feel so alone and lost. I’m tired for being taken for granted.