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Hi guys, how are you doing? I still haven’t figured out what to do with the debts – I’ve tried to get long-term loans (for like 24-32 months), yet no company is willing to give me them. I will try to get more next week, but the situation is bad. Luckily one of the long-term bets I have made like a week ago turned out to be right and I won 296 PLN, which I immediately paid-out; if I won’t get a long-term loan this may be a money that will help me prolonging the payout termins. If I do, at least I have to ask for 250 PLN less.

I feel kinda okay now, don’t really have an urge, but that MIGHT be because I still have a few open bets for the weekend. I will see how am I doing after the weekend.

I’ve watched three films during this time, last one being “Joker”. I am writing this post as a short break while writing the film review; I already have written one more review yesterday. Unfortunately for those ones I won’t be paid, they will be put only on my webpage. I started back working on another page which is designed for blackhat money making – ain’t gonna spend much time on it, but I hope it will provide me some profit in the future.

I was also on my university; since the classes finally started, I will have less spare time. I spoke with many collegaues and one of them told a story about her trip to the US during holidays – she made 2200 $ from 50 $ in a casino in one night while playing slots and roulette. I congratulated her and adviced her not to gamble a lot and she said she isn’t stiupid enough to gamble. This was an interesting conversation which I should think through; while I don’t care that much about her opinion, this may be a good extra motivator for me.

Thanks for all advices – they are reallly helpful. I still got to think over a lot of ideas and concerns and figure out a plan. This may take a while. Regarding your concerns – since I used the limit before self-excluding, first bet I will be able to make would be on 1st November. And 20 PLN is literally nothing. I might have trusted an alcoholic to drink a 300 ml beer once a week if I knew this would have been the only beer he could buy in a month. Yet I still think you made a good point and will rethink it.

If someone read it or at leats a part of it, please leave your comment. This will be a nice and helpful gesture!