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Hi, maybe I am not the right person to answer your question, I guess someone with a 1 year + could answer it better. but from all that I learned from this long journey in recovery, it is not about money. I get my debt paid and I piled it up again, and now if someone pays all your debt and gives you some extra you will back again to gambling, you\we need to fix the problem first, because of that this time I am not focusing on paying the debt I am focusing on how to handle money how to control it( either by my self or using a 3rd party) first then paying the debt. because it is meaningless paying the debt again just to pile it up once more.
read this booklet I found it very helpful for the financial aspect.

it may look like it is about money, but it is not. it may be started as a money issue but now it is not. and I really don’t buy into the dopamine cycle of it because it is not the case with me. it is a combination of the following:
1: a control problem, the control circuit in our brain has been wired wrongly, and we can’t control ourselves once it comes to gambling.
2: irrational thinking: looking as the casino games or ( leveraged trading) in my case is the fast solution or the only solution to solve my financial problem, is what let me back many times, in the normal days without having money to trade I will be very rational and I know you are the same because of what wrote up. but because of our control problem once the money comes irrational thinking will take over and we will relapse.
3: there are deep issues behind this addiction, in our life \ and personality that needs to be fixed as well.

one more point learned here in this forum is it takes more than a few days to fix what years of gambling have done to us.