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Hello dark energy
How are you this is Chahed it’s good too hear from you.l don’t count the day’s that l haven’t gambled it’s been a couple of weeks what l do know is that we are all in this together the addiction doesn’t go a way it’s always there we have to fight everyday.some days are better than others take it day by day.your qoate was spot on l wonder myself how long does this pain we are feeling last for.l hope and pray as long as we are true to ourselves we can overcome this disease to lead good and clean life God willing.
I have just started on this journey and l don’t know how long or where it will take me what l do know is that it can’t get worse than when l was a compulsive gambler IT is hard but with time it will get easier God willing.Dark Energy
Keep up the great work you are doing God willing things can only get better.take care and Thankyou.